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Stephan Treasure

In June 2021, Rob’s father, Stephen Treasure, lost his life to cancer. 

We aim to raise as much awareness and funds for our chosen charities in Stephen’s memory.​


 Our target is £200,000. 

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Stephen was a shining light in his community. A cornerstone within the local building industry, he was respected for his outstanding knowledge and experience, having worked in the trade for almost all of his life before turning to the church when he retired.


Always putting others before himself, his truly unique character led him to be not only respected, but truly trusted by those that he worked with, his friends and his family.


No one could ask for a better father and, as an incredibly humble and caring man, he set the perfect example for all to follow. A truly unique character, he will live on through the legacy he has left behind.

Robert Cross 

Welsh Guards 

Charles Newman

Royal Artillery 

Robert Treasure 

The Rifles


Macmillan Cancer Support will receive 70% of all funds raised.

We are also very proud of the units in which we serve. 30% will be donated to our three regimental charities.

Our Charities
Macmillan Cancer Support
Macmillan Logo Green.png

Macmillan Cancer Support is a huge source of help and comfort to thousands of cancer sufferers. We hope to aid Macmillan in their determination to continually improve the experience of cancer for its patients.

Cancer, in whatever shape or form, is terrifying.  It affects the lives of those that have it, their family and their friends.

Macmillan Cancer Support understands that every situation is unique and, in turn, offers bespoke support for each individual that comes to them in their hour of need. Macmillan provides the “support, tools and inspiration” to help those affected by cancer, offering support in a range of ways from listening and advising, to large scale policy changes.

As cancer becomes more prevalent in our lives, having Macmillan Cancer Support and their caring staff there to support anyone that comes to them is a gift that should never be taken for granted.

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Regimenta Charities
1WG Crest High Res-01.png

The Welsh Guards Charity exists to support the Regiment, the Battalion and Welsh Guardsman of all ranks, both serving soldiers and retired veterans, and their families.


The Welsh Guards Charity was formed in 2013 as result of amalgamating several different Regimental Charities and Funds. The Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal, which was started in 2009 because of the significant numbers killed in action and injured on the Battalion’s first tour to Afghanistan in 2009, is also part of the charity.


In 2020 the Charity gave grants in excess of £51,000 to 1st Battalion Welsh Guards to enhance the quality of life of Welsh Guardsmen and a further £96,000 towards wider Regimental esprit de corps activities.


The Royal Artillery Association was started in 1920 by the RA War Commemoration Fund to create a ‘Gunner Friend’ network organisation in every part of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Ultimately this produced a bond of comradeship irrespective of rank, between all who are serving or who have ever served as artillerymen and to maintain and promote the proud traditions of ‘Ubique’. It was also designed to watch and help those in need or distress and maintain contact with old comrades. It raised its money from annual and life subscriptions and after running costs funds were used to further the aims of the Association. Her Majesty The Queen is the Patron.   


Care for Casualties was launched in 2009 to support Riflemen that were injured or wounded in Afghanistan or Iraq.


The charity supports operational casualties and bereaved families from The Rifles and its antecedent regiments. It is at the forefront of the regiment's commitment to support the welfare of serving Riflemen, veterans, its Fallen and their families.


In 2019 The Rifles made 704 grants to support Riflemen and their families and the amazing work that they do continues on a daily basis. The impact that they have is often life changing and goes to the men and women that risk it all.


Our motivation is strong. However, it would be even stronger with your support. By donating to our chosen charities you help become a part of something special and make every oar stroke go further. 


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